Do you ever sit in a bath

And after a while start thinking too much about how you’re sitting in water that is washing off dirt from your own body so really you’re sitting in dirty water and then realize you have to take shower afterwards cause otherwise you’re potentially not actually cleaner than you were before

So I took A “Can We Guess Your Real Age” quiz online. And this was the result:


Where is this beautiful family? WHERE HAS MY YOUTH GONE?

You can take the quiz here: (not spam, I promise)

I can tell by your thighs that you have a big fat ass ;)

I can tell by your comment you have a face I want to punch.

What are your views on Affirmative Action?

Just, in general. 

Wardrobe Wednesday: Loving Autumn [Outfit Details]

I listen to the “In a Busy Coffee Shop” playlist on Songza so I can feel like I have friends/am having social interactions with others.